Contour Options LT Tandem Stroller Wilshire Review

The parent’s happiness comes when his/her child is comfortable and well taken care of. Every parent wants the best product for their children. This is not an exceptional when it comes to strollers. For as much as you might want the best stroller for your child, getting the best one might be a little bit tricky and tiring. This is because there are many options in the market today making you confused on which stroller is of the best quality. This is even worse for new parents who do not know anything about baby products. You should get information from other parents reviews about different products to help you make a good decision.

If you have been wondering on which stroller to buy for your kid, contours options LT tandem stroller wilshire is the best option. The best thing with this kind of stroller is its wonderful features. It has inline design that can accommodate twins or even different aged kids. In addition, it has reversible and removable seats offering you as many different ways to seat your kids. This will be very helpful to busy mothers who have more than one sibling. You can seat your children facing each other, facing you or even facing back to back. You can also use the stroller with the front seat.

Another advantage with contours options LT tandem stroller wilshire is the 5-point safety harness. You can adjust it in any height you want. It is very easy to adjust the stroller and the steering and handling are pretty good. The wheel does not lock up so it won’t give you a difficult time handling it.
The contours options LT tandem stroller wilshire is also easy to fold when not in use hence saving on space. It has other great features like 3-point reclining seats, swivel front brakes, rear packing brakes,rounded footrest which will provide enough space for the child’s feet, removable and hand washable fabrics, big storage baskets, inbuilt child seat pockets, dual trigger fold removable parent cup holder just to mention but a few.
All these features will be very beneficial to you and your kid making it very easy for you. You will be able to do all your home chores since your kids will be very comfortable all day long. It has also a wheel suspension, hence it is very easy to drive it and can move at any surface.
This stroller also comes with a one year warranty. It is very easy to deal with and will never give you any hard time. You can go with it any where since it fits in the car perfectly. The storage space is big enough and can fit any baby bag. The only drawback with it is that there are some which are heavy.

The stroller is also very cheap to purchase for any parent. It goes around $250. This does not mean that it is the cheapest in the market, but with the service it will give you, it is worth it.